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Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
small business owner down the street, a restaurant owner, doug elliott. that is his restaurant. the thing is, he, just like the waitress who works for him, the coke that is in his kitchen, one thing they all want together is they want more customers walking in through the doors because more diners mean more business and tips and wages for the waitress and the coke, and it means more compensation so that you can hire more people, increase wages and that is what it is all about. that is what this election is all about. it is about who can create an environment that we can see more economic activity with, and more jobs. that is what this is about, and i think it is very clear the two visions and the choice of the voters will have in november. again, i want to thank you and i want to thank the chamber for hosting us tonight. [applause] >> moderator: mr. powell? powell: i didn't have a lot of time at the beginning, but i want to thank everyone for being there. the first time that mr. cantor has debated. thank you for sponsoring us. you have heard a lot of washington speak tonight because
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
roadways released a new study. doug will talk in a few minutes about the details to surprise it found that the tax increases due to occur at the end of 2012 if they last for 2013, would raise taxes by $56 00 billion. the average household would pay about $3500 more than that the rules in place. cbo says the tax hikes along with hundreds of billions of dollars discretionary spending cuts. would drive the chief economist at coalition she blogs as economist mom and chief of house budget committee and for the democratic staff of the committee. our format today will be straightforward. each of the panel lists will speak for about five minutes. i'll ask them questions. we'll try to get a discussion going and turn over to the audience and give you chance to ask questions. we have people watching on c-span and on the web, if you're not in the room and have questions, please send them to public affairs all one word at and the questions will come to me. to start, donald? >> thanks, and thanks everybody for being here. thank you for braving the rain to talk about fiscal cliff and try n
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
director of wbgo-fm, doug doyle throughout the court pass. here are the rules. each candidate was 90 seconds for an opening and closing statement and each will have 60 seconds to answer questions for our panel. then we will build onto the next question. there is a title like that keeps us on schedule and it is my job to try to enforce a timing light. the audience has promised once again can make my job a bit easier and show proper respect to candidates by holding a pause until we end this broadcast. if you'd like to join the conversation during the broadcast, follow us on twitter using the hash tag mj debate. we tossed a coin. senator kyrillos goes first. your opening statement. kyrillos: mike, thank you very much. thank you to the record at montclair state and you senator menendez for this debate. you know, i love this country. i love america. all of us are blessed to call america home. i am a product of the american dream. my grandparents came to this country and later, my father. and they lived a great american dream life. i grew up. i went to school, became a state senator and i
Oct 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
representative doug miller from texas, sir thank you for your compliments. i appreciate that. we have been working hard and that's one of the reasons i'm here today. i think another issue that you didn't address, but i think to hear your comments on this at this election also is two different directions on whether we're going to allow, and i know several of my colleagues from other states, state legislators here. but the direction of whether we're going to allow states to have their right versus a stronger centralized federal government, which we see all over the world has not worked in a number of occasions. at that your comments on state rights versus federal rights. >> i think you're absolutely right. if president obama is reelected, they will be more concentration of power in washington. i mean, obama carries a massive concentration of power in washington. all of the new regulations, dodd-frank. doc frank has to be one of the great ironies that is famed dodd-frank. since his name for the two people who do most to create the financial crisis in the first place. right? i've been coming t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4